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Empowering Wellness
Mind, Body & Spirit

Seeking a pathway to your
Inner Peace & Happiness?

Feeling overwhelmed or lost and lacking? Wanting change but not sure how to start? 

Experiencing stress, health concerns, divorce, loss, trauma, addiction or relationship issues?

Begin your journey to creating positive change and living the life you truly want.
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Holistic &

A safe space to explore and better understand  your whole self and life experiences on your terms; uniting across
mind, body and spirit.


Be coached and supported on a journey through healing and growth to empower your best self. Shift from surviving to thriving.


Use evidence-based therapies with an accredited practitioner to access your unconscious & unlock pathways towards positive change.

Somatic & art

Be guided in learning mindfulness & meditation  practices. Connect with your body and creative expression with Somatic & Art Psychotherapy.


Hello! I'm Rebecca

If you are feeling stuck, looping in negative cycles, or maybe just a bit lost or overwhelmed, I am here to support you in experiencing change and relief. I support my clients to reach their greatest potential by liberating themselves from their limiting beliefs and unconscious patterns.

As a holistic coach and provisional psychologist, as well as a mindfulness, meditation and yoga teacher, I am passionate about empowering others to live their authentic lives to the fullest. I am a guide who will walk alongside you on the courageous pathway to reclaim your vitality and awaken your magnificent true self!

I offer one-on-one personal sessions online via zoom from the comfort of your own home.


We will work together to identify which treatment approach will provide you with the most effective results and develop a plan to get you there. Step outside the world as you have always known it and change your life for the better!


If you could be the person of your dreams, who would you be? Do you want support to

Learn how to Tame Anxiety

If you feel stuck in life; debilitated by persistent anxious thoughts or constant worries, I can support you towards reducing the noise and finding more rest in a lighter and clearer mental space.

Recover from Addiction

Addiction is universal. It can be found with substances like alcohol or drugs, but also with food, screens, gambling and work. Anything external in the hope of addressing some inner pain or discontent. Gain awareness of & change these repetitive self-sabotaging behaviours.

Rise Above Depression

If you feel weighed down or immobilised by depression, I can guide you through techniques that can begin to lift the weight and let light start flowing in so you can begin to feel like yourself again.

Heal & Release Trauma & Loss

Anxiety, Phobias or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder may present when dealing with loss, trauma or sudden change. Progress toward resolving and releasing trauma from your body and life with individualised integrative support.

Strengthen Your Relationships

Love is a choice we make every day. I can help you work through issues around trust & conflict, intimacy problems, understanding your attachment style, & improving your boundaries & communication skills.

Embody Purpose
& Abundance 

Feel complete confidence throughout your mind, body and spirit in knowing who you are and what you want. Be empowered to align with your personal vision & make the best choices for yourself, flowing with a life of love, passion & meaning.

Sessions online via Zoom

Only $25 per hour


Currently accepting new clients, no referral needed

Sessions with Rebecca are currently available via a Charity run community service. 
Pathways Community Counselling Clinic is committed to making professional counselling accessible, affordable and convenient. Anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help, anytime, anywhere. Our professional services cost only $25 per session for one hour online via zoom. Why so little? Because we believe that mental health support should be accessible to everyone. Currently accepting new clients, no requirements or referral needed, please contact Rebecca for more information or follow the book online link.
Bookings are made in Sydney timezone.

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